Personal Injury

In 2003, the insurance industry successfully introduced legislation that capped at only $2500 the pain and suffering component for many car accident victims. Nonetheless, wage losses are not capped and those claims that "significantly impact" a person’s lifestyle a year after the accident are not capped. We strongly recommend you have us assess your injury claim before accepting money from your insurance company.

Lisa Teryl, Teryl Scott’s civil litigator, provides a free consultation to assess all kinds of injury claims (brain injuries, whiplashes, spinal injuries etc.) arising from negligent acts, including car accidents and slip and falls and other accidents. Contingency fees are available

Separation & Divorces

A separation agreement is the foundational document for the divorce. Ideally a separation agreement can be negotiated (peacefully) and the divorce trial avoided entirely.

We typically recommend negotiation to start this process.

We support our clients through the legal, emotional and strategic issues
that arise through the mediation process. If the issues cannot be resolved by consent, time and expenses increase dramatically to have the contested issues determined at trial and the divorce granted.

Wills, Powers of
Attorney & Living Wills

Legal fees can be thousands of dollars when there is no will or power of attorney at the time it is needed.

A will legally appoints an executor or personal representative (eliminating an expensive legal application after the death of a person).

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to carry out financial duties of another when they are incapacitated. The powers of attorney are free with a copy of Lisa Teryl’s book (with cartoon’s by Shawn Scott) Nova Scotia Law: Everything You Wanted to Know But Couldn’t Afford to Ask (Pottersfield Press, 2002), $15. See our "In the News" section of this website for further information on our book.

A living will appoints another to be the medical decision maker and stipulates what interventions, if any, a person wants if they become brain injured, for example.

Give us a call to discuss the costs of these documents and the full estate package for singles and couples.

Wrongful Dismissal

Employers frequently do not understand how to legally terminate employees. Most provide none or little severance to employees who are legally entitled substantial sums of money. Typically the law allows between 1 and 2 months severance for every year employed with the company if you are given no notice of the termination. There are also other remedies available which you should discuss with us. Lisa Teryl is the firm’s employment law litigator and provides an initial free consultation. Contingency fee agreements are available in many cases.

Marriage Contracts/Cohabitation Agreements

Same document, different name. Marriage and divorce are the most significant financial events in most people's lives. Therefore, we recommend a marriage contract (or if living common law, a cohabitation agreement) to clarify what debts and assets will be shared by the parties in the event of separation and whether spousal support is to be paid. Child support and custody issues cannot be decided in a contract since the courts have the final jurisdiction over children.